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Concrete Canoe Project Competition 2021

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What is Concrete Canoe Project Competition?

Established in 1990, ITU Engineering Preparation Club started to organize the Concrete Canoe Competition, the foundations of which were laid in 2001, in 2016. To gain experience in competition building materials applications, teamwork, project management and presentation concepts; It is organized with the aim of contributing to the training of engineers who are open to new ideas with its structure that leads to researching various innovation methods. Participants are asked to build a concrete canoe in accordance with the given specification. As a result of the pandemic that occurred in 2020, the Concrete Canoe Competition was revised as the Concrete Canoe Project Competition for 2021 to be held in a remote format.

Our Mission

While organizing the Concrete Canoe Project Competition, ITU MHK gives its students the opportunity to experience building material applications and get to know the academic and industry dimensions of building materials, while providing them with the opportunity to grow up as self-confident, principled and competitive individuals.

Our Vision

ITU MHK aims for the contestants participating in the Concrete Canoe Project Competition to start their careers as competent engineers who know the sector closely, have high communication skills, adopt teamwork, have developed project management skills, and approach problems with various innovation methods.

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How will teams be established in the competition?


  • Both the team application and the individual application will be collected during the application phase.
  • Competitor candidates who make individual applications will be given the opportunity to form their teams and apply until the deadline through the form to be created for the individual application pool.
  • Each team can consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 students. A student cannot be on more than one team.
  • One person from among the team must be selected as the team captain.

How will the competition process occur?


  • The teams whose applications are approved are invited to the seminars to be held about the competition.At the end of the seminars, it starts with sharing the specification file with the team captains.
  • Teams are given approximately 10 days to complete and deliver their projects in accordance with the specifications provided to them.
  • The project reports, which are delivered after 10 days, are forwarded to the jury committee.
    After the evaluation process, teams are invited to a project presentation in order to present their projects.
  • With the completion of the project presentations, the award ceremony is held and the team rankings are announced.

Who can participate to the Concrete Canoe Project Competition?


  • The competition is open to all engineering and architecture faculty students.
  • There is no class restriction in the competition.
  • The students who will take part in the team can be undergraduate or master students.
  • Associate degree students cannot be a part of the team in any way.
  • Teams participate in the competition.

What kind of project will be produced in competition?


  • Following the seminars to be held on May 9, teams are expected to design and project a concrete mix that includes project and time management, physical competence, innovation, sustainability, originality and visual design dimensions during the 10-day competition process.
  • Detailed information about the scope of the project will be given at the beginning of the competition process, when the competition specifications are announced.
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Beton Canoe Project Competition 2021 Calendar


07 April 2021 - 30 April 2021

09 May 2021

17 May 2021 - 26 May 2021

5 June 2021 - 6 June 2021

6 June 2021


Application Process

Seminars Day

Competition Process

Project Presentation Days

Award Ceremony


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Concrete Canoe Project Competition 2021 Awards

First Prize

4000 TRY

Second Prize

2000 TRY

Third Prize

1000 TRY